The best defense is a good offense.
Arm yourself in the fight against Payment Fraud.

Don't wait until you become a victim to learn how fraudsters operate.  Knowing what fraudsters are accomplishing and how they are affecting the majority of business today can help you protect your company's most valuable assets.

Please join Fifth Third Bank as we reveal today's most common fraud practices, from phishing, malware, and keyloggers, to check, wire, and ACH debit fraud.  Also learn tactics and tools to help you build your greatest possible defense.

In this online seminar, you will:

  • Understand the latest threats and emerging trends in phishing and other cyber attacks
  • Identify and help mitigate risks to your organization
  • Learn comprehensive and continuous processes to help protect your organization
FACT:  More than 286 million unique variations of malicious software currently exist.  Less than a decade ago there were only 60,000.*

FACT:  60 percent on companies were affected by fraud in the past year.**

*Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report, April 2011
**Kroll Advisory Solutions' 2012 Global Fraud Report

This seminar has been approved for up to 1.2 CTP/CCM recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals.

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Featured Presenters:

Bill Dean
Computer Forensics and Security Assessments
Sword & Shield Enterprise Security,Inc.

Mohamed Siraj
Vice President
Deposits & Liquidity Product Manager
Fifth Third Bank